Math Games To Go

Math Games To Go !!
Many of the math games enjoyed by Pond Cove students in the Math Lab are available for check-out in the Media Center! Generously funded by the Cape Elizabeth Education Foundation, over 300 games have been created by Math Lab teacher Debbie Butterworth and 3rd grade teacher Julie Merriam, and are available for kids, parents and teachers to borrow from the Media Center.
Games focus on Common Core standards, and include skill practice for computation, place value, telling time, money, comparing numbers and counting.
Check them out !!!!

Did you know....

Today is Day 91


DID YOU KNOW .......

one penny + nickel + dime + quarter + half dollar = 91c

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We had lots of visitors to the Math Lab last night for K 2 4 Open House.  It was really fun to see parents, grandparents, and siblings of current and former students!  And several parents who were friends with my own kids when they were in high school a few years ago!

We do lots of estimating in Math Club, and decided to get the whole family in on the fun!  There were over 100 entries to estimate how many red caps were in the container.

There were 99 caps!!

And the winners were............2nd graders Joseph G, Claire B, Owen B, Abi F, AND preschooler Will B!!!!!   They will each get a special Math Club pencil.  

We will have a different estimation for the Gr 1, 3 Open House on Wednesday night.  Hope to see you then.

Friday, September 23, 2016

First graders in Mrs. Alfiero's class raced with each other to reach 100 on the Hundreds Chart.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


First Graders come up to the Math Lab every afternoon as part of their Allied Arts rotation, and at centers, they practice math skills and concepts that reinforce their classroom math curriculum.  What a fun way to end the day!

First graders have the most amazing understanding of how numbers work... we asked them questions like "I have 5 crayons, but wish I had 10.  How many more do I need?"  They had so many strategies for figuring that out!!!